Culturally Responsive Care

“Only when the culture itself is understood can differences be respected without sacrificing the connections that unite them.” – Edward T. Hall

While mental health difficulties are commonly thought of as the result of our internal struggles, many practitioners often overlook the societal dynamics that impact how we show up in the world. 

Clients from marginalized backgrounds have experiences that are often not understood. When practitioners use standard therapeutic methods to challenge thought patterns without examining the reality of a client’s lived experience, clients can often leave feeling invalidated, ashamed, and misunderstood. 

This can lead to difficulties in building trust and showing up authentically within the therapeutic relationship. As a culturally responsive practitioner, I am dedicated to understanding the lived experiences of my clients and the power structures that impact their mental well-being. 

Through a combination of validation, self-compassion, and examination of unhelpful thoughts, we will work together to break through patterns that no longer serve you.